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All I'm saying is that the employee hates it just as much as you do, unless you're speaking to a manager I can guarantee they don't want to rip you off, they just don't want to be literally talked down to and have their job threatened that day. If even on one car a manager does not hear everything being recommended then you could end up being written up or being forced to take closing shifts. I've actually had numerous customers pull up prices online. We dont price match, and it feels awful to be in that situation that I can do nothing about. It isnt my business and I dont determine our policies.

But of course that only makes the customer angry, then my manager needs to get involved to confirm we dont price match because my word is never believed, which means he'll end up trying to upsell you on 50 more things and tell you twice as many lies. Regardless of how right a customer is about how fucked our company is, pointing that out only lets you briefly vent. It doesnt matter if I entirely agree with you, I cannot change anything and I'm not about to risk my job to agree with you so you feel even more right in hating the company.

You could also just tell them at the very start of service what you want checked, if you tell them to check nothing then the oil change takes 15 minutes from rolling in to rolling out. I'm just saying that in the future I hope you try to recognize these people as having no choice, even the ones who lie. They have bills to pay and the requirement for the job is literally to lie.

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Learned my lesson I guess. I've used both and prefer Super Lube. They don't upsell or outright lie like Mr. Lube does, and the cost is always what they said it would be. I once had a problem with a Super Lube oil filter that leaked oil on our driveway, and they towed my truck back to Super Lube and fixed the problem, and pressure washed my driveway. Excellent service and good taking of responsibility when something went wrong. I use super lube on regent all the time for both my vehicles, no issues. Only thing Super lube didn't do on my ST was to reset the oil change warning on my car, but maybe they didn't know the process on it.

I go to the Superlube on Portage Avenue, near Cavalier. They have always treated me fairly. I imagine most these places are franchise and independently owned and managed, so there could be some differences in sales philosophies between various shops. Sorry to hear that happened. Extra crappy with holidays around the corner. After the Mr. Last winter I hit a curb that was hidden by snow which ended up busting my oil pan and subframe.

We also offer free coffee, magazines, and a kids table with coloring books and toys. Super Lube loves their customers and their community. Stop in today and see why we are the areas leading automotive service provider. We offer oil changes, brake work, batteries, scheduled maintenance, and transmission work.

We also provide car and truck tires from Continental, General, and others. Home Page Super Lube and Tire. Continental , General , Nitto. Account View Cart Shop. All Brands. Promo x of x. Grabber X3 Tire General Tire. Silicone spray is ideal for lubricating rubber, wood, plastic, vinyl and metal surfaces. Silicone lubricant is convenient for a wide range of applications but it is also a pain to clean up, as it just seems to spread around when you try to wipe it up.

Provide severe-duty lubrication with industrial-strength greases. B'laster Silicone Lubricant contains a higher concentration of silicone than competitor brands, which provides longer-lasting lubrication. It forms a colorless, odorless, non-staining film that lubricates and protects in most metal to non-metal applications.

High silicone formula does not attract dust or dirt. Rated 4 out of 5 by VW49 from The best feature of this grease is that it does not contain petroleum so it can be used on o-ring Spray the sliding door track with silicone spray to keep it moving smoothly.

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What type of grease with rubber OEM bushings? The spray can could cost you more. Because it was leaking into my Spark Plug ports, but the rain still flooded past it. Jetbeam Silicone grease seems to cause black gunk on my threads, whether anodized or not, and I hate it. It works especially well on porous items, such as plastic parts, but is a good lubricant on locks, hinges, and guns. Lubricates, repels water, and provides a protective coating. Spray a thin layer evenly from a distance of 20 to 25cm. What types of lubricant can be used? It's a lot thicker than silicone grease for sure.

I was worried that it was a spray and not "grease like". It can be used to prevent rust on metal objects or to Permatex Silicone Spray Lubricant, In fact, it is just the opposite; it is an insulator. Protects against rust and corrosion. The Re-Mov is created to work fast and loosen the caulk or sealer so that you do not have to work so For those who want the best spray lubricant, the WD40 Specialist Silicone Spray is definitely a good choice.

The cap to the spray is hard to get off, but can be fixed by drilling a small hole in the top or side. Hunter's Silicone Lubricant Spray provides high-performance lubrication in a quick-drying no-mess formula. Apply by spraying from the aerosol can. For a sway bar busing, many come with grooves or sipes. This stiff, tacky compound is non-melting and retains its properties over extended periods of use.

Very few formulations of spray silicone include those things though. If you are into airsoft guns or know where to buy them you can probably find the silicone in the form of a spray can. Wholesale prices and superior service at WebstaurantStore! Both dieletic and some suspension grease use silicone oil but the thickeners and other additives could be different.

Techspray is a leading manufacturer of chemical products and soldering tools for the electronic, plant, and equipment maintenance industry. Odorless, non-toxic, tasteless. Prevents locks, doors and windows from binding. BK-4 at Advance Auto Parts. Can be used on any moving parts to provide better, longer lasting lubrication that withstands higher temperatures and is safe on more surfaces.

Bought silicone grease due to reading on how to get rid of squeak from hatch in my Rav4 - turns out it has many uses. Silicone is also thicker than WD40 but still nothing like globby lithium grease. I dropped a can of silicone spray and the nozzle tip snapped off spraying silicone spray forcefully everywhere on my oak hardwood floor. Looking for Silicone Lubricants? Imperial Supplies has a large selection on hand, at incredible prices.

Then spray it with aerosol lithium grease. Lubricants with zinc resist dust and can be used with ceramics. Prevents binding, sticking and deterioration. I then greased the whiffletree with high-temp axle grease.


For large spill, or spills in confined spaces, provide mechanical ventilation to disperse or Fast-drying all-purpose sealant dries to a highly tacky, non-brittle film. When sprayed on hard surfaces, silicone spray is able to maintain its lubricating properties in a variety of temperature ranges and environments. SKU: Silicone, as most experienced pour artists will tell you, is the key to creating dynamic cells in your paintings. Order online at Screwfix. WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including ethylbenzene, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer, and toluene, which is known to the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm.

Dries fast and leaves no oily film. Silicone spray, if used properly, it is the least sloppy and fairly long lasting. And never use silicone spray Bremtech Products Bremtech Silicone Grease is used to lubricate slider pins and guide tubes. I used silicone spray on the pulleys in the lift arms, but I used white lithium grease on the pulleys under the pup.

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Because silicone oil is super slippery and minimally-reactive, it can lubricate most anything. Stops friction by coating hinges and channels, preventing locks, doors and windows from binding and squeaking.

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Many people try using WD on their garage door which is a huge mistake. Grease and Lithium are thick type lubricants and are designed to be applied manually to flat or almost flat friction surfaces. Silicone Lubricant CRC Silicone Spray There is a variety of different lubricants designed to lubricate and protect various types of parts and equipment. Apply with the included sponge applicator. With integral smart straw system for ease of use.

I did a search on the net for Silicone lube, and that popped up. This product class is available in many different viscosities and cure speeds to suit the needs of most any rubber coating operation. See Compatibility Chart under Technical Resources for further details. Maybe it can be used to lubricate shutter mechanisms in very small quantities, DO NOT spray the whole shutter!!

Food Grade Silicone Lubricants. Penetrates and clings effectively to seal electrical boxes, protect rubber seals and terminals. Aerosol Use as a lubricant on metal, wood, rubber, glass and plastic objects. A grease based formula for high load applications. Specific colourless and water resistant silicone grease, resistant to oxidation and corrosion. A reliable general adhesive remains tacky indefinitely can be applied in advance for convenience in assembly. This spray lubricant does a really good job of lubricating, waterproofing and protect metals, rubber, vinyl, plastic and pretty much any surface.

Silicone Spray Lubricant Description I have been on many boats and usually see mixture of WD and some sort of dry lubricant or silicone spray. By Mike Allen. Apply the oil evenly, making sure to reach the corners and edges. Both products are silicone based products, however the silicone grease has a higher raw silicone content, making it better for a long term lubricant, such as on an o-ring that will be sliding.

With integral Flomasta Silicone Spray ml X. You may also want to check a motor vehicle supply store for ignition wire spray used for wet weather, which I believe is silicone in a big can and cost less but read the label and talk to a How to Stop Your Car From Squeaking. This spray is ideal for cables, valves, hinges and locks. Also, I spray silicone spray into a cloth and occasionally wipe down my polished aluminum frame.

Applications range from a valve and O-ring lubricant in small, hydraulic piston assemblies to high vacuum sealant in laboratory services. Type the appropriate five-digit US Or Canadian part number s into the field and click on the Search button. Spraying a set stain with more lubricant and letting it sit for half an hour will reconstitute the original stain, allowing you to treat it like a new stain.

Ask your mechanic-- I bet he won't even know what silicone grease is.

We at AutoZone can recommend the lowest prices on brake lube to ease your budget, too. I've used silicone spray to lubricate shifters. But depending on what you're working with, you should probably follow up WD with use of a true lubricant such as one based on silicone, grease, Teflon, or graphite. For a fast, effective application browse car, PTFE, contact, cockpit and chain sprays.

WD specialist high performance silicone lubricant that prevents parts from sticking. The Silicone Spray always gets the job done. In stock at a low price and ready to ship same day from WebstaurantStore. Simply apply the odourless, tasteless spray to grinding You can remove silicone spray from most surfaces by carefully applying a strong solvent. We offer a selection of different types of car grease from quality brands such as Comma, handy for all sorts of car maintenance jobs both big and small.

CRC food grade silicone is a NSF rated H1, multi-purpose silicone spray for food processing and handling applications. WD40 is a brand that should just speak for itself since it is so popular. Silicone Spray is a transparent spray with lubricating and anti-adhesive characteristics based on high-grade silicone oil. Save on American Grease Stick Co. Silicone Spray Lubricant Silicone Spray Lubricant The Permatex Dielectric anti corrosion Grease protects electrical connections and wiring from salt, dirt and corrosion.

Silicone Grease Spray quantity. Order by 6 pm for same day shipping. Then, if needed, apply dielectric grease before reassembly. Gunk and similar brands of "silicone" spray are just WD with a few drops of silicone oil for laughs. Slide Products, Inc. Our broad line of high-quality lubricants covers all of your needs. We will take a look at the general purpose It can also be used on spark plug boots, battery terminals and trailer connectors.

If you notice electrical items not working, cleaning the contacts may help. Extinguish all flames, pilot lights and heaters. Original CV boots lasted 16 years and K before they finally split open, so it seems to have paid off. Lithium grease esp. Not to mention there are even more lubrication products becoming available on the market every day.


Lithium grease is also sold as a spray. Food Grade Silicone Spray. Provides rust and corrosion protection. The silicone lube used for bicycle chain has a solvent carrier, but that evaporates out really quickly. Specialist high performance thick grease formula for long lasting protection against rust and corrosion. Read on Because silicone spray is water resistant, it also can protect items from Waterproof and protect metal and non-metallic surfaces like rubber, plastic and vinyl with the water resistant silicone lubricant spray from WD You need to use the right mix of paints, mediums, and additives—specifically silicone—to create a space for cells to form.

It is a touch-dry after 15minutes at 20C.

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I learned that the lubricant contains stuff other than silicone in the aerosol spray. Use of silicone-based spray products in electronic devices during maintenance or repairs can cause later failures. When I was younger, we used to use silicone spray lubricant to lubricate our rubrik's cubes for speed solving. Used with thermocouple wells, thermistors, and calrods, or wherever efficient cooling is required.

Grease and other food residue seems to stick to it relentlessly. Silicone based lubricants are great, though, and have many advantages over the other types of lubes. Check out our range of Lubricants products at your local Bunnings Warehouse. Shop dupont 1-oz silicone lubricant in the hardware lubricants section of Lowes. Enjoy the Blaster 11 oz. Silicone grease is messier but much harder to rinse off.

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The best lubricant for garage doors is a silicone spray or white lithium grease.